PyeongChan 2018 PyeongChan 2018 PARALYMPIC GAMES

Ice Sports


General Overview of Competition Venues

Five venues (one refurbishing venue and four new venues) located in Gangneung will be used for ice sports.

  • One refurbishing venue : Curling
  • Four new venues: Speed Skating, Figure Skating & Short Track, Ice Hockey Ⅰ, Ice HockeyⅡ

Competition Venues

Sports present Venues specifics
Speed Skating New Gangneung Coastal Cluster Double Track 400m
8,000 seats
Figure Skating/Short Track New Gangneung Coastal Cluster 60× 30m rink x 2
12,000 seats
Ice Hockey Ⅰ New Gangneung Coastal Cluster 60× 30m rink
10,000 seats
Ice Hockey Ⅱ New Gangneung Coastal Cluster 60× 30m rink
6,000 seats
Curling Refurbishing Gangneung Indoor Ice Rink 44.5× 4.75m x 4
3,500 seats

Curling will be held in the existing Gangneung Indoor Ice Rink and 4 new venues will be constructed in Gangneung Coastal Cluster. After the Games, the city of Gangneung will be responsible for the operation and management of the venues.

The Gangneung Indoor Ice Rink, where the Curling event will take place, has been used as a multi-sports facility since it opened in 1999. It has staged the 2005 ISU Four Continent Figure Skating Championships, the 2008 ISU Short Track World Championships, and the 2009 WCF Women's Curling World Championships.

The basic design for the Figure Skating/Short Track venue was developed in both the Olympic and Legacy modes. The venue is designed to house two ice rinks for competition and training respectively. An environmentally-friendly system will be adopted, and it will be used for the community's recreational purposes after the Games.

The Ice Hockey I venue will be designed for possible easy dismantling and reassembling in another city. After the Games, it will be moved to Wonju, which is the largest city in the region of Gangwon with a population of 300,000, and will be used for professional Ice Hockey teams.

Speed Skating Figure/Short-Track Ice Hockey I Ice Hockey Ⅱ Curling
Speed Skating
ㆍVenue    specifications Ice track (400m), three floors aboveground / two underground levels
ㆍCapacity 8,000
Oct. 2014 ~ Apr. 2017
ㆍEvents Men (6): 500m / 1,000m / 1,500m / 5,000m / 10,000m / Team Pursuit
Women (6): 500m / 1,000m / 1,500m / 3,000m / 5,000m / Team Pursuit